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    Trauma Informed Practice

    Life hits hard, and 75% of us bear the invisible scars of trauma. That includes our colleagues, customers, friends and family members. With those numbers, its crucial that we, as individuals and as organizations understand Trauma, know how to communicate with people who have experienced trauma, and deliver services in a way that is careful to avoid re-traumatization or causing more harm.This self-paced online course gives you an advanced understanding of trauma informed care, so you or your team can communicate effectively and appropriately and avoid the risks of creating further harm.

  • preventing burnout

    Preventing and Managing Burnout

    Do you feel burned out and exhausted? Now is the time to take charge and learn how to deal with the underlying stress causing this problem. In this Managing Burnout course, you'll learn psychologically proven ways to neutralize burnout and get your life back in balance. Our psychologist-sourced Managing Burnout course will lead you through stress-relieving exercises and advanced ways to beat burnout that have been shown to work. Every time.

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    Vicarious Trauma Training

    The WMHI’s popular Vicarious Trauma Training provides people with the knowledge, skills, and tools to look after their personal mental health and wellbeing, specifically, when dealing with people who have experienced trauma, or with material of a highly sensitive or emotional nature.

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    Beating Bipolar Disorder

    This online bipolar course will give you the tools and hold your hand, guiding you every step of the way, as it dives deeper into the psychology of Bipolar and what’s needed for its recovery.

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    How to Manage Anxiety & Stress

    Anxiety can feel like a constant weight on your shoulders. No matter what you do, it always seems to pull you down. You find yourself panicking often, with the feelings becoming so intense at times that you find it hard to sleep. In some cases, anxiety can lead to full-blown panic attacks, which only make the weight you’re carrying even heavier.Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to access help for managing stress and anxiety, particularly in the post-pandemic world. Alternatively, you may simply not want to visit a doctor or a counselor, for whatever reason.Our anxiety management course is designed to help you to regain control of your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to minimize the effect anxiety has on your life. Based on sound psychological principles, the course equips you with the tools you need to help yourself.

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    Psychological Self Defense

    Learn how to stop Psychopaths, Narcissists and Expert Manipulators from hurting you.Between 1% and 4% of the population are either sociopaths or psychopaths. The sad fact is that you only need to encounter one of these people to feel a negative impact on your life. In fact, you may have already encountered such a person. If you have ever had an interaction with somebody who left you feeling scared and unsettled, even though they weren’t overtly violent, you may have encountered a psychopath.If allowed to begin their manipulative behavior patterns, psychopaths can ruin lives. Our Psychological Self Defense course is designed to help you identify and overcome the psychological manipulation techniques that such people use.

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    Mental Health Conversations for Managers

    How do you look after your employees’ mental health while also effectively managing their performance?It’s a big question that does not have a simple answer. However, knowing how to hold empowering mental health conversations with your people plays a crucial role in your ability to guide your employees to a healthier and happier working life.Our conversation-based online training for managers focuses on helping you to navigate through difficult and stressful conversations. It provides you with the tools that you need to better understand the challenges your employees face and how you can open up a conversation related to those challenges. The mental health training for managers shows you how to enhance team resilience and how to prevent mental health issues from developing or escalating through empowered conversation.

  • Staying Strong Through Coronavirus

    How to Build Your Strength and Resilience for the PandemicThe coronavirus pandemic created unprecedented levels of uncertainty in the world. Many found themselves struggling with fear related to the pandemic, with the subject of mental health during Covid 19 becoming a hot-button topic. Workplaces also needed to adapt, with many employees being forced to adjust to working from home.The Staying Strong Through Coronavirus course is designed to help people with managing mental health during Covid 19. It teaches you how to stay resilient when faced with the fear and uncertainty the pandemic creates, while also providing you with practical tools to operate in the most productive ways possible both during and after the crisis.

  • Managing-Family-and-Domestic-Violence-at-Work

    Workplace Implications of Domestic and Family Violence

    This Workplace Implications of Domestic and Family Violence course helps you to raise the awareness of the topic, and help building confidence in dealing with the issue if it arises in the workplace.

  • Suicide Prevention online course

    Suicide Prevention Skills

    When you hear that a friend or loved one is contemplating suicide, your initial reaction may be to panic. You may not feel confident in your ability to help this person that you care about to confront their issues. You’re afraid that you may say the wrong thing and you worry that you may be held responsible in some way if you have a conversation and the person chooses to commit the devastating act.These are all natural concerns to have. Suicide is a difficult subject. However, it is also a crucial mental health issue to confront as over 700,000 people lose their lives to suicide each year.Our online suicide prevention training is designed to equip you with the skills you need to help others who are contemplating suicide. You will develop your capacity to confidently handle a suicide crisis, allowing for the best outcome possible for all involved.

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    Creating Personal Resilience

    Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. With all of the challenges the world is facing right now, it´s natural to feel the pressure. But it is your response to adversity that makes all the difference – for your results, and your wellbeing.The Good News: this online resilience training course provides you with practical, evidence based tools and strategies to build your resilience, and your emotional fitness, so you can handle whatever challenges that life may throw at you – at work or at home, so that when difficult situations arise, you are ready to face them with grace and ease, and you can stay focussed even in the middle of chaos.

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    Mental Health Awareness Training

    Whether you realize it or not, most of us know someone who is struggling with a mental health issue. But sometimes we miss the signs and are not even aware of it. Or if we are aware, often we don’t know what to do or say, to help someone that we can see is in distress.The Mental Health Awareness training course gives you a strong foundation in mental health, so you get a good understanding of the most common mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and psychosis, and know how to recognize if someone you know may be experiencing them. But most importantly, it shows you what to say and do, to assist the person to get further help.

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    Anti Bullying & Bullying Prevention Course

    Bullying in the workplace disrupts business as usual. It is insidious. It makes for unpleasant working environments and the escalation of mental health issues. Bullying in the workplace is also costly since it taxes valuable organizational resources, and leaves employers at risk of stressful and expensive legal claims.

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