Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. With all of the challenges the world is facing right now, it´s natural to feel the pressure. But it is your response to adversity that makes all the difference – for your results, and your wellbeing.

The Good News: this online resilience training course provides you with practical, evidence based tools and strategies to build your resilience, and your emotional fitness, so you can handle whatever challenges that life may throw at you – at work or at home, so that when difficult situations arise, you are ready to face them with grace and ease, and you can stay focussed even in the middle of chaos.


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An In-Depth Online Personal Resilience Training Course That Shows You How To Build Resilience


Good resilience training helps you to do more, not less. It focuses on how you can build yourself up, showing you how to tap into your inner strength so you can confront all of life’s challenges. The Creating Personal Resilience course is designed to help you and your colleagues develop the personal resilience that gets results.


Pressure is everywhere in today’s world. However, it’s often felt most severely in the workplace. Common causes of stress at work include:

  • Too much to do, not enough time.
  • Tight deadlines and lack of resources or support.
  • Lack of balance between work and personal life.
  • Workplace politics, a toxic culture or difficult team dynamics.
  • Constant changes and uncertainty.

And that’s just scratching the surface. Knowing this, we have designed the Creating Personal Resilience course to help you to boost resilience in the workplace.

When you use these strategies at work, you will stand out as someone who can stay cool, calm and collected, when everyone else is in panic mode.

But you can use these tools at home too!

When you use these tools at home, you will be a better leader and role model to your family, friends and community.

This course goes beyond self care101, and draws on the latest advances in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, and transactional analysis to provide you with practical, evidence based personal resilience strategies that work.

With this course, you learn how to become mentally strong, emotionally fit, and resilient enough to handle the stresses and challenges of modern life.

And of course, you can also teach these strategies to others around you, so you can build a team of strong, capable resilient individuals who can cope with pressure and overcome any challenge.

"I liked the explanation of many different tools to build personal resilience. Easy to understand and engaging examples." –  Charles, Australian Defence Force
"The videos were concise and engaging and the tests at the end of each module were specific enough that you had to have watched the video to get a good score."Katie, UNSW

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what resilience is, and what it isn’t
  • Appreciate the balance between support and challenge when building resilience
  • Apply practical strategies from positive psychology to prepare your mindset and emotional state for strength and resilience
  • Know how to handle difficult and potentially toxic situations and people without taking other people´s emotions personally.
  • Learn how to stay calm and focussed in the midst of challenge, change and uncertainty
  • Identify unhelpful patterns of thinking and responding, and how to create more useful habits
  • Manage stress and develop mental toughness, for a can-do approach, regardless of the circumstances
  • Self Care strategies to prioritize your wellbeing and take care of yourself in high-pressure environments.

On successful completion of the course assessment, you will receive a certificate of accreditation, which may be used for professional development requirements, with your professional body.

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Who Is This Course For?:

  • People who work in high stress environments
  • Leaders, Managers and Supervisors, who want to develop their own resilience, or their team members
  • Parents, who want to be better equipped to support their children´s resilience and wellbeing
  • Entrepreneurs who must navigate the challenges and uncertainties of business ownership
  • Students who wish to better cope with pressures of study, exams, and peers
  • Teachers, Educators, and Mentors
  • Community Leaders
  • Anyone who could benefit from practical strategies to help them to deal with the challenges life throws at them.

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Introduction to Creating Personal Resilience
  • Module 2: Resilience & Self Care
  • Module 3: Clearing the Space – Rubbish Bin
  • Module 4: Creating Positive Neural Pathways – Gratitude
  • Module 5: Creating a Strong Identity - I Am
  • Module 6: Managing Time Meaningfully – Top 3
  • Module 7: Avoiding The Stress Spiral
  • Module 8: Mindfulness
  • Module 9: Meaning Making & Mastery Loops
  • Module 10: Bonus Module: Emotional Intelligence
  • Module 11: Reading List
  • Module 12: Summary of Key Learnings

Benefits of the Creating Personal Resilience Course:

This course has been designed by our team of expert psychologists from around the world, each with decades of professional, and personal experience. We provide you with evidence based strategies and practical tools and strategies in everyday language, that is easy to understand and apply for immediate results.

✓ Engaging Video Lessons

✓ Interactive Quizzes

✓Bonus Tools and Resources to Download

✓Certificate of Completion

Have A Group?:

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This online resilience course can also be provided to you in SCORM files to upload to your Learning Management System.

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