When you hear that a friend or loved one is contemplating suicide, your initial reaction may be to panic. You may not feel confident in your ability to help this person that you care about to confront their issues. You’re afraid that you may say the wrong thing and you worry that you may be held responsible in some way if you have a conversation and the person chooses to commit the devastating act.

These are all natural concerns to have. Suicide is a difficult subject. However, it is also a crucial mental health issue to confront as over 700,000 people lose their lives to suicide each year.

Our online suicide prevention training is designed to equip you with the skills you need to help others who are contemplating suicide. You will develop your capacity to confidently handle a suicide crisis, allowing for the best outcome possible for all involved.


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Discover How to Act With Knowledge and Expertise When Presented With a Suicide Crisis


A detailed suicide prevention course dedicated to providing you with the asist training you need to expertly confront a suicide crisis. Our online suicide prevention training examines why people commit suicide, the warning signs to look out for, and what you can do when somebody tells you that they’re thinking about suicide. It also contains a module that teaches you how to focus on yourself when dealing with a suicide crisis, ensuring your own mental health is not compromised when you’re assisting others.


Somebody dies from suicide every 40 seconds.

It’s a staggering statistic.

It’s also a statistic that makes us wonder how many of those people could have been helped, if only those around them were equipped with the tools needed to spot the signs. Perhaps they may have also benefited from learning more about suicidal ideology and where it comes from.

Unfortunately, most people come to contemplate suicide when they feel disengaged from the world. However, the fact is that most suicides are avoidable for the simple fact that most who consider suicide are often searching for somebody to help them.

With our online suicide prevention training, you can become the person who helps others. Our course is designed to teach workers, family members, and community-minded people the practical tools that they can use to prevent suicide.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to spot the warning signs that somebody may be considering suicide.
  • Equip yourself with practical knowledge of what to do in a suicide crisis.
  • Learn the ‘WARM’ Four-Step Response Plan.
  • Know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it when speaking to somebody who’s contemplating suicide.

Benefits of the Suicide Prevention Skills Course

  • A self-paced online course that participants can take at a time that suits them.
  • The course is split into modules of approximately 10 minutes in length, allowing flexibility in how you learn.
  • All modules are created by a faculty of experienced psychologists and clinicians.
  • The course is catered for the workplace as well as for individual use.
  • Modules are kept to the perfect length to offer value while also ensuring completion.
"I just completed the Suicide Prevention Skills course and it was wonderful. I’m a Mental Health First Aid instructor and still got lots out of it. I am sure our workers will find it extremely beneficial." - Tess, Includa Disability Services

This course is video-based and includes quizzes to test participant learning. On successful completion of the course assessment, you will receive a certificate of accreditation, which may be used for professional development requirements, with your professional body.

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Who Is This Course For:

  • Any individual who wants to know what to do or say when faced with a suicide crisis.
  • Those who have lost somebody to suicide and wish to learn what to do in future situations.
  • Anybody who works with vulnerable people.
  • Workplaces that wish to protect and empower their workforces.

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Introduction to Suicide
  • Module 2: Why do People Suicide?
  • Module 3: What are the Warning Signs of Suicide?
  • Module 4: What do I Do?
  • Module 5: How do I Look after Myself in this?
  • Module 6: Summary of Key Learnings

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Key individuals at your organization can be allocated ´Manager´ status to track the progress of each participant through the program.

This online course can also be provided to you in SCORM files to upload to your Learning Management System.

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