Staying Strong through Coronavirus


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A crisis-specific online training course, Staying Strong Through Coronavirus is designed to be a direct response to the coronavirus pandemic. It tackles many of the mental health challenges that the pandemic has contributed, examining fear, uncertainty, and the need to adjust to a changing way of life. The course also provides you with the tools you need to be resilient when faced with the anxiety the pandemic has created.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed life as we know it. In a matter of weeks, the world was plunged into uncertainty, with entire countries going into lockdown in response to the spread of the disease. These unprecedented times have created a huge increase in mental health issues.

Research published by KFF shows that 40% of adults have reported symptoms of anxiety or a depressive disorder since the beginning of the pandemic. 12% report increased use of alcohol or other substances, while over 30% note they have difficulty eating and sleeping.

The simple fact is that the pandemic has a substantial impact on mental health. That’s why it’s so important to have the tools needed for managing mental health during Covid-19.

The Staying Strong Through Coronavirus course equips you with those tools. This crisis-specific course has already proven effective for several organizations, including:

* WorkCover Queensland

* Iglu Student Accommodation

* Acciona Trility Joint Venture

Now, it is available to individuals and workplaces to help them improve stress management under Covid-19.