How to Manage Anxiety & Stress


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An Online Course That Shows You How to Manage Your Anxiety So That it No Longer Holds You Back



How to Manage Anxiety & Stress online course is a program filled with proven techniques to help you minimize the impact anxiety has on you. Drawing from a range of therapeutic modalities, the course helps you to understand the various types of anxiety, the causes that lie behind them, and the key principles and strategies you can use to mitigate anxiety.



Anxiety is the number one mental health issue in the world. At any point during the last 12 months, 14.4 of the population will experience anxiety severe enough that it would be diagnosed as a disorder, if they chose to visit a doctor. And this figure does not account for those who experience “lower” levels of anxiety or those for whom the anxiety is so severe that they become dysfunctional.


The most dangerous thing about anxiety is that it is a feeling that we’re all familiar with. And yet, so few of us are equipped with the tools and skills necessary for managing anxiety.


This online course aims to provide you with those tools. Drawing from the expertise of WMHI’s experienced faculty, the course provides you with mental, physical, spiritual, and social strategies that you can use in managing stress and anxiety. It also helps you to understand the potential causes of anxiety and how the condition can vary depending on a range of factors.


Learning Outcomes:


● Leaders, managers, and employees learn techniques for managing workplace anxiety.

● Discover the different types of anxiety and how each impacts your mental health.

● Fill your toolbox full of tools to help with managing stress and anxiety.


The Benefits of the How to Manage Anxiety & Stress Course


● Offers techniques that you can use to help yourself rather than forcing you to rely solely on the help of others.

● Leverages the most impactful approaches from a wide range of therapeutic modalities.

● Teaches you how to handle a mental health issue that often serves as a gateway to other serious issues, such as depression and schizophrenia.


Who Is This Course For?


● Anybody who finds themselves worried or stressed about what the future may hold.

● Leaders and employees who feel like the workplace is grinding them down.

● Parents who wish to help their children or other family members cope with the stress of modern life.