Anti Bullying and Bullying Prevention Course


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Bullying in the workplace disrupts business as usual. It is insidious. It makes for unpleasant working environments and the escalation of mental health issues. Bullying in the workplace is also costly since it taxes valuable organizational resources, and leaves employers at risk of stressful and expensive legal claims.

This online training helps workplaces meet their legal obligations in protecting the wellbeing of all staff, and ensuring their legal obligations are met, by upskilling staff in:

  • What bullying really is, and what it is not, including how the courts define and identify Bullying
  • How certain problem behaviours quickly escalate into Bullying and how to eradicate them fast
  • Identifying the ramifications and potential effects of Bullying
  • How to legally prevent and protect your team from Bullying
  • Differentiating between healthy conflict and Bullying
  • What team members can do to protect themselves and others
  • How to create a safe culture where employees and productivity thrive