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Helping Employees Overcome Mental Health Issues is our #1 Priority


However, it’s also a challenge, especially as a business grows. You may struggle to find courses that you can integrate into the fabric and culture of the business. Plus, you may find it difficult to maintain cost-effectiveness while attempting to deliver educational materials to large groups of people who are spread geographically.

On top of all of that, there is the issue of time.

Your people are busy. They don’t have time to spend days on training. They need training that is short, sharp, to the point, and, more importantly of all, practical.
Helping Employees Overcome Mental Health Issues

Online Mental Health Training For Employees


Designed for Workplaces

Many of our courses are designed with workplace applications in mind. Our faculty includes professionals who have experience in senior management positions. We combine their understanding of the pressures of business with the evidence-based tools that are proven to help people and get better business results.

Customisable Courses

Our workplace courses are delivered by a faculty of professionals who have experience in senior management positions, and can be easily customised (and even co-branded) based on your organisation’s needs and specifications.

Secure eLearning

All of our courses are delivered in a secure eLearning environment. You don’t have to worry about your personal information or credentials being compromised. We have focused on developing a safe learning environment that benefits individuals and group learners.

our online courses

Between 60 and 90 Minutes Long


WMHI’s courses are designed to provide online mental health training for employees and development to the modern workplace. Our workplace training courses are between 60 and 90 minutes long, with each being split into 10-minute modules so that your people can learn crucial and life-saving skills in a matter of minutes.

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Looking for Something Specific?


We understand that your workplace is unique. We can custom design a course specifically to the needs of your organization, making sure the training is the ideal format and duration for your staff, relevant to the specific scenarios they face, and in their local language/s.

Some popular topics include:

  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Building Resilient Teams
  • Protecting your Team from Vicarious Trauma
  • Psychological Safety
  • Designing a Workplace Wellbeing Strategy
  • How to Manage Anxiety & Stress in the Workplace

Or, if you have something else in mind, please let us know. Our team of Specialists have expertise in a range of topics, so contact us to discuss your needs.


Our Mental Health & Wellbeing Online Courses For Workplaces


Skills are quickly changing and on-demand, on-the-job learning is essential for keeping up. People rarely come in with all of the skills needed to do the job and, even if they do, those skills change over time.

You can buy our popular courses off-the-shelf, ready to go, or we can custom design a course for your organization. Most organizations request SCORM compliant courses for their LMS.


Why WMHI Workplace Training?


As an employer, you’re tasked with making critical business decisions every single day. Choosing to purchase mental health courses from WMHI is one of those decisions. These are the benefits our courses bring to your workplace:

  • Help employees overcome issues related to burnout and stress. Your people will develop the practical tools needed to become resilient during difficult work periods.
  • Become an employer of choice for demonstrating that you care about, and take active steps to solve, mental health issues.
  • Discover how to spot the signs of an employee in crisis before it is too late.
  • Keep your people happy, healthy, and productive by giving them the tools they need to confront mental health issues.

Mental health is mental wealth. And wealth is about resources. With WMHI’s workplace training courses, you’ll be guided by our fully qualified mental health professionals, each of which must have formal mental health qualifications in psychology, social work, or psychiatric nursing.

This means they have an advanced ability to connect your people to the source of their wealth – their mental health. In doing so, you create a more resourceful, empowered, and productive workforce.

Mental health is mental wealth. And wealth is about resources. With WMHI’s mental health training for the workplace, you connect your people to the source of their wealth – their mental health. In doing so, you create a more resourceful, empowered, and productive workforce.

From The WMHI Community


This course doesn’t only teach me how to help others in terms of mental health and wellbeing, but it is also about how I could love and understand myself more, and also learn about mental health furher, which then be beneficial not only to myself but to others.

Training Participant


The practical guide around how to separate mental health and performance conversations.

Sarah Feltham

Moriarty Foundation

Great tips to be able to be a better carer for our clients and given a better understanding.

Training Participant

Focus ACT


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Our online courses can be custom designed for your organisation. SCORM compliant courses can be provided for your LMS.

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