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As a government organization, you’re searching for providers who can provide evidence-based and results-driven mental health training. WMHI meets a range of regulatory requirements, in addition to providing high-quality government employee training that achieves your goals.

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Extensive Experience in Providing Training for Government Employees


We understand the specific challenges government organizations face in terms of securing and acquiring training. As such, we can provide flexible online mental health courses for government employees and training solutions that enable you to work with any restrictions your department faces.

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Our Mental Health & Wellbeing Online Courses For Government Agencies


Skills are quickly changing and on-demand, on-the-job learning is essential for keeping up. People rarely come in with all of the skills needed to do the job and, even if they do, those skills change over time.

Mental Health Conversations for Managers

Mental Health Conversations for Managers

As a manager, you face the tricky task of figuring out how to successfully navigate conversations related to mental health with your employees. With this course, you’ll discover how to encourage somebody who is struggling, ultimately learning how to empower those around you to perform to the best of their abilities.

Personal Ressilience

Creating Personal Resilience

Life offers challenges around every corner and it’s natural to feel vulnerable or overwhelmed, at times. Unfortunately, those feelings can come to dominate your life, resulting in you struggling to take the forward steps you know you need to take. This course is focused on you. It’s dedicated to equipping you with the tools you need to tap into your inner strength and show resilience in the face of adversity.

Mental Health Awarenes

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health issues affect millions of people. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to spot the signs that somebody is dealing with such an issue. There may be somebody in your family or friend group that is struggling right now. If you could just spot the signs, you’d be there for them. This course is all about showing you how to spot those signs while equipping you with what we call mental health first aid skills that allow you to help those in need.

Suicide Prevention Skills

Suicide Prevention Skills

It is never easy to discover that somebody you care about has contemplated committing suicide. For many, that news leads to a panic state. You may feel afraid of saying the wrong thing, or not saying anything at all, instead of doing something to help the person you love. With this dedicated course, you learn more about why people commit suicide, what signs to look out for, and what you can do to help.

Why WMHI Online Training for Government Service Agencies?


Government agencies need to feel secure in the fact that the mental health training they utilize is delivered by experienced professionals who understand the complexities of the modern workplace. WMHI’s mental health courses are ideal for government employees for the following reasons:

  • Having worked with government agencies before, we understand the restrictions that are often placed on them.
  • Our courses are flexible and our team will work with your organization to ensure it has everything it needs.
  • Our programs are designed by experienced and trained professionals who have used what they teach in clinical, therapeutic, and workplace environments.
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Who Has WMHI Worked With?


WMHI has delivered effective mental health training to a wide range of respected organizations, including:

  • United Nations (UNSOS)
  • Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • High Court of Australia
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Education, Skills and Employment
  • Department of Defence
  • Defence Housing Australia
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From the WMHI Community


Very informative I learned a lot & the course was delivered with a good balance of practical and theoretical content

Training Participant

Dept of Education, Skills and Employment

I liked how the course described the what people may be experiencing through the coronavirus and strategies to cope with the effects.

Harry Balian

Dept of Finance

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt it increased my awareness of what I need to do to be better at having mental health conversations.

Elaine Noon

Dept of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

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