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We’re committed to creating a mentally healthy workplace that promotes employee health and wellbeing. One of the fundamentals of a healthy workplace is the ability to communicate well particularly during times of conflict and stress. Conflict can create a breeding ground for serious incidents and can chip away at an organization's culture.


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Managing Office Combat Stress: How to Survive and Thrive Cubicle Wars

Did you know, the most toxic working environment is not one with overt disagreements, but instead, where there are simmering conflicts that lie under the surface.

Sadly, this has become commonplace in Australian workplaces. Attempts to avoid conflict result in unspoken rifts, like a Cold War. And just like in war, combat stress can result, increasing the potential for mental health problems amongst individuals, and loss of productivity and profits for the business.

In this Masterclass we look at covert conflict in the workplace, its impact on ‘Office Combat Stress’, what to do and say when everyone else seems to be pretending it doesn’t exist, and how to handle yourself and others successfully through it.

In this course we look at:
  • overt and covert conflict in the workplace,
  • its impact on office 'Combat Stress',
  • what to say and do when everyone seems to be pretending it doesn't exist, and
  • how to handle yourselves and others successfully through it

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