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The New Anxiety Obliterator: Now You Too Can Master Anxiety Signs And Symptoms Like A Pro

This online anxiety course gives you the tools to develop mastery over your anxiety and start living life to the full. You’ll learn to stop your anxiety while it’s happening, spot any anxiety signs & symptoms, and become its master. Being riddled with crippling anxiety is now a thing of the past.

Psychological Self Defense: How to Stop Psychopaths, Narcissists and Expert Manipulators from Hurting you

Have you ever had an interaction with someone that was so strange and scary, that wasn´t overtly violent, but left you feeling rattled or shaken? Have you found yourself falling for liars, con artists, or manipulators on more than one occasion? Maybe even psychopaths? More and more, we are seeing situations where people are confronted by behavior that is more extreme in nature, more antisocial in nature, to the point where they could be dealing with psychopaths, sociopaths, and other master manipulators. The Psychological Self Defense course meets your need for strategies, tools and skills, to better deal with difficult people, and in a sense, develop a psychological armor, to protect yourself from harm.

Managing Office Combat Stress

We’re committed to creating a mentally healthy workplace that promotes employee health and wellbeing. One of the fundamentals of a healthy workplace is the ability to communicate well particularly during times of conflict and stress. Conflict can create a breeding ground for serious incidents and can chip away at an organization's culture.

Mental Health Conversations for Managers

Mental Health Conversations for Managers is an advanced online course designed to help Leaders, Managers and Supervisors gain an understanding of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, how to identify and respond if a team member is not coping, and how to handle the more complex scenarios managers face in their role, such as how to handle performance management of a hybrid and neurodiverse workforce in the context of mental ill health, flexible arrangements, privacy and safety issues. This mental health training for managers teaches managers and leaders how to enhance the resilience of their teams and prevent mental health issues from developing or escalating.

Staying Strong Through Coronavirus

Staying Strong Through Coronavirus is a crisis specific, online course designed specifically in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. This online training is ideal for supporting the mental health and resilience of those working from home.This online course assists employees to manage the fear, uncertainty, and stress created by the current situation. So they can stay resilient and look after their mental health and wellbeing while remaining adaptable and operating in the most effective and productive ways possible throughout the crisis and its aftermath.

Workplace Implications of Domestic and Family Violence

This Workplace Implications of Domestic and Family Violence course helps you to raise the awareness of the topic, and help building confidence in dealing with the issue if it arises in the workplace.