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Preventing and Managing Burnout

Do you feel burned out and exhausted? Now is the time to take charge and learn how to deal with the underlying stress causing this problem. In this Managing Burnout course, you'll learn psychologically proven ways to neutralize burnout and get your life back in balance. Our psychologist-sourced Managing Burnout course will lead you through stress-relieving exercises and advanced ways to beat burnout that have been shown to work. Every time.

Trauma & Vicarious Trauma for NSWNMA

This course gives you the knowledge, skills, and tools to provide services in a way that is trauma informed, and reduces the risk of retraumatisation, and also to look after your own personal mental health and wellbeing, when dealing with people who have experienced trauma, or who are in distress.

Vicarious Trauma Training

The WMHI’s popular Vicarious Trauma Training provides people with the knowledge, skills, and tools to look after their personal mental health and wellbeing, specifically, when dealing with people who have experienced trauma, or with material of a highly sensitive or emotional nature.

Beating Bipolar Disorder

This online bipolar course will give you the tools and hold your hand, guiding you every step of the way, as it dives deeper into the psychology of Bipolar and what’s needed for its recovery.

Staying Strong in Challenging Times

Evidence Based Strategies for Supporting the Wellbeing of Helpers and Health Professionals

How to Manage Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety can feel like a constant weight on your shoulders. No matter what you do, it always seems to pull you down. You find yourself panicking often, with the feelings becoming so intense at times that you find it hard to sleep. In some cases, anxiety can lead to full-blown panic attacks, which only make the weight you’re carrying even heavier.Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to access help for managing stress and anxiety, particularly in the post-pandemic world. Alternatively, you may simply not want to visit a doctor or a counselor, for whatever reason.Our anxiety management course is designed to help you to regain control of your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to minimize the effect anxiety has on your life. Based on sound psychological principles, the course equips you with the tools you need to help yourself.