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Discover Our Most Popular Mental Health Courses

Learn directly from mental health experts who have clinical, therapeutic, and leadership experience.

Professional Courses

Professional Courses

Experiential courses
designed by experienced mental health professionals
Secured eLearning

Recovery Focused

Learn how to do more
than simply “survive” mental illness.
Convenient Modules

Convenient Modules

Short 10-minute modules
fit around your busy schedule.

Learn Anywhere. Learn Anytime

Our mental health short courses are designed so you can work through them at your own pace. Ideal for mobile and distributed workforces, they’re accessible 24 hours per day, seven days per week.


Our ONLINE Courses

Life-Saving Skills for Individuals and Workforces.

Designed by a faculty of mental health professionals who have clinical, therapeutic, and leadership experience, our mental health courses are entirely online. Presented in 10-minute chunks, each course is between 60 and 90 minutes long. You’ll learn how to confront vital mental health issues, putting you in a position to save lives.

Taking action today could mean you’re able to help somebody tomorrow. So whether you’re here for yourself or somebody else, our mental health training could help you to prevent drastic consequences.

All you need is a pen, paper, and an internet connection and you’re ready to learn.

Disclaimer: This Online Training is not designed for therapeutic purposes. Any therapeutic benefits derived from these courses is purely accidental and as a result of the quality content contained in them. This Online Training for mental health, wellbeing and advanced leadership is the digital arm of the Workplace Mental Health Institute and is only designed by recognized experts in their respective fields. The Workplace Mental Health Institute stands behind the quality and effectiveness of this content when applied as directed.

Mental Health eLearning Courses

Develop Practical Skills That Transform Lives

Our courses deliver high-quality and practical knowledge designed to help you learn how to transform and even save lives. Whether you’re directly tackling mental health issues or simply wish to raise your awareness, our courses help you develop your understanding.

Our faculty of dedicated mental health professionals have developed courses that make mental health training accessible, understandable, and usable. Based on the latest scientific research, our online mental health courses provide you with evidence-based information and tools you can use on yourself, with others, and in the workplace.

Quality Online Wellbeing Courses Trusted By

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Designed by Workplace Mental Health Experts

Expertly-Designed Courses

All of the mental health training we offer is designed by qualified and experienced mental health professionals. Our focus lies in providing practical advice that our faculty has utilized in real-life environments.

User Friendly ONLINE Courses

Created by Trainers

Our faculty members aren’t just clinicians. They’re trainers in their own rights. Collectively, our team has decades of teaching experience, meaning they know how to design succinct courses filled with practical takeaways.

Positive, Strengths Based Approach

More Than Content Delivery

So many online courses bombard you with content while offering little practical value for you to take away and use. Our mental health courses don’t do that. Using experiential learning techniques, you discover how to effectively use the techniques you learn about.

Introductory and Advanced Courses

Thriving, Not Just Surviving

Whether you’re helping yourself, a loved one or people you work with, our courses don’t just show you how to survive mental health issues – but how to take people back to a life where they’re thriving again.

Best Practice, Evidence Based Tools

Secure eLearning

All of our courses are delivered in a secure eLearning environment. You don’t have to worry about your personal information or credentials being compromised. We have focused on developing a safe learning environment that benefits individuals and group learners.

Scalable and Sustainable

Short and Powerful Courses

Don’t wait until it’s too late to take action. Our mental health short courses are designed to be easily digestible, allowing you to learn life-saving practical skills that you can use to save people today who might not otherwise make it to tomorrow.

Global Courses

A Wide Range of Courses

We offer both introductory and advanced mental health elearning courses. Our introductory courses provide practical skills and tools to beginners. Advanced courses are designed for leaders who wish to take their learning to the next level.

Good for the Planet

Designed for Workplaces

Many of our courses are designed with workplace applications in mind. Our faculty includes professionals who have experience in senior management positions. We combine their understanding of the pressures of business with the evidence-based tools that are proven to help people and get better business results.

good for planet

Save the Planet as well as Lives

Online courses allow you to study anywhere that there is an internet connection. You don’t need to travel or create paper waste, meaning your learning experience actively helps both the planet and the people you care about.

What They Say About Our Courses


It clearly explained theories of mental health with realistic applications that I can do immediately.


I really enjoyed this course and I feel it is going to assist me immensely moving forward to become a better leader.


It made me reflect on myself, gave me tools to deal with stress, and a different outlook on life. I feel a lot more positive now.